Proposal of the Reading Programme

By Sophia Choi

Proposal of the Reading Programme




I.              Background


Students at school have become bored with the current reading programme, so we should make reading to be more enjoyable.  I have some ideas about this.


II.           Plan


We should hold ‘Book Fair’ to develop students’ reading habit.  It can be held in the hall after school.  We can use Award Scheme to attract students to join the event.


III.         Benefits of the Plan


III.I          Knowledge is POWER


It can help students to learn reading skill and develop their reading habit.  It can let them have more time to read.  When students read, they can learn more knowledge.  Reading is very important because knowledge is POWER.  It can help them change their life.


III.II         Reading is an entertainment


More students can attend the activities after school because many students are very bored.  They can join them to kill time.  Moreover, the plan can help students cultivate their sense of belonging.


IV.        Conclusion

I hope you can accept my plan because it is effective to help students improve their reading life.

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A Life-changing Trip

By Jeffrey Tang

I want to be a volunteer and stay at Vietnam now.  My view of life has totally changed since I came back from Vietnam.  Youths held a summer experience trip to Vietnam.  The duration of this trip lasted for three week.  At first I joined the trip only for fun and killing time.

Once I arrived Vietnam, I realize my journey was tough.  I live with a local family there.  My host family lived under the mountain and I was required for help building a school in the rural siren.  Every morning I have to walk over an hour to reach the area.  In the first day morning, I ate breakfast quickly then took my trip to the mountain.  I found it very hard and tiring at first.  However this feeling disappeared as soon as I noticed that every child lived under the mountain was walking on the same path with me and they are all younger than me.

The school I had thought in there is a high building with windows, a playground, decent tables, chairs and black in classroom.  However the so-called “school” in there was totally out of my mind. 

There only was a ground floor, a few classrooms without any facilities yet.  I had to make them on my own and paint the wall as well.  Some volunteers came from Hong Kong.  Working together and their jokes got me through this hardship on the record day of work, there was a hole in one of the wall.  I was told to place some bricks to fix it.  Those bricks were very heavy and one of them fell on my feet accidentally.  I immediately fell on the ground.  A little girl saw it and ran away in a clumsy way.  Then a few minutes later, she came back with in even clumsier way holding a piece of blanket.  She used the piece of blanket to stop my bleeding, later I found out she tore her only blanket to help me.  As soon as I realized she is a disabled I could no longer hold my tears.  Although I don’t understand the language of Vietnam, the love and kindness pouring in her eyes could explain.

At the last day, the job was finally done.  Although the work was hard and exhausting, the smile that held on those children’s face worth.  The moment I made farewell to those kids and my host family, I cried like a baby.  The meaning of this trip is not only helping people in need but also a lesson of life.  If I had never joined this trip I would never have understood how beautiful the human nature is.  I want to spend the rest of my life be volunteered.

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Unforgettable experience and feeling about the trip to Vietnam

By Ricky Yip

Have you ever experienced a meaningful event in the mainland?  Nowadays, people just think about how to earn a lot of money and they have no time to care other people who want a necessary help.  Many people are a very cheerful helper even though that is true.  I am the one of them that I am a very cheerful helper.  Moreover, I am a member of a youth organization.  I have just returned from a three-week trip to Vietnam.  I am going to share my experience and my feelings about the trip to you.

When I met a local family at Vietnam, I felt shocked because they are ridiculously thin like a bone.  Meanwhile of our communication, I knew that they are not only poor, but they also feel hungry all the time.  Although they face a lot of problems which is difficult, they are still happy and delighted because of the support of family.  When my companion and I wanted to leave the sky had been black and they were very nice to let us stay at night.  Sleeping at a small house, my companion always complained that he was uncomfortable because he felt he was bitten by something.  Facing his complaint, I said that it was all of his imagination.

The next morning, we decided that we volunteered to build a school in a rural area for children.  We hope that they have a chance to study and broaden their horizon.  If I were you, I would donate some money to the youth organization to build more school in a rural area.  I will give a lot of children an opportunity of study.  Building a school in a rural area, we need to put all of effort on it.  Every brick inside has filled with our love and our hope.  We hope that students could be clever and smart, so they could be able to change their lives.  Moreover, it would improve their quality of lives.

Leaving in a rural area after we built a school, we shook our hands to say goodbye.  We could not bear our feeling but cried.  Joining a youth organization is the most of meaningful event that I did.  If you want to do a meaningful event like me, you should do it.  While we were returning by train, I thought a lot of memory about the trip.  I cannot believe that I could live without money in a rural area.  I enjoyed working with my companion and I learnt how to cooperate with him.  Through the trip, it inspired me to treasure our life.  It let me know that life is invaluable.  There is no excuse to say that we cannot live without money.

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One unforgettable night on Lantau Island


Last Sunday, I went camping for one night on Lantau Island with my friends.  On the way going to the Island, my friends and I felt very excited.

When we arrived, we ran on the glasses and happy to talk and play with each other.  And then, we discussed what we needed to prepare to spend that night.

First, we went to collect some sticks, we used that to cook our dinner and set up a fire.  After the dinner, we sat around the fire and talked with each other.  All things were normal.

Two hours later, we went to sleep in the tent we had set up.  Suddenly, a lightening, a rain began, the wind blew to the trees and made a lot of noise.  That made us frightened.

Also, I saw a wolf ran near us.  I was very scared and tried my best to keep quiet.  After the wolf ran away, I whispered to my friends, ‘I saw a wolf!  We should keep quiet to stop attracting the other animals come here.’  And then, I closed my eye and wanted to let myself to fell asleep.

The next day, the rain had stopped, we took all our things and ran back home quickly.  It was very unforgettable for us to stay on Lantau Island.  I think I will not go camping for one night on Lantau Island from then on.  Because of the scary I had felt on that

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A Scary Night


One day, my best friend decided to go to Lantau Island for a one day and one night camp with me.  I of course wanted to have a camp to go with my friend – Lung, but I mentioned that the weather on that day was very bad.  My friend, Lung had known about this but he said that if the weather was bad, it would be more exciting.  It sounded good so I prepared all about camping’s food, clothes, water and so on to go for an exciting camp.

When we arrived the Lantau Island, we were looking for a good place for us to stay.  Afterwards, we went to find some wood sticks for burning and cooking.  That was very amazing that we used the survival skills to cook and play.  When we were playing energetically, the weather turned bad quickly.  It rained afterwards so that we needed to go inside the tent, the wind blew very strong and the thunder appeared in the sky for a long time.  It was getting dark and the sky was going to rain heavily so we just stayed in the tent to play pocker that I brought.

After three to four hours the sky was dark completely.  We just ate the snacks and the can food to fulfill our hunger.  As we were too bored so we just could sleep early.  When we fell asleep, the thunder shocked me up and I noticed something was walking around our tent.  I saw it had a sharp teeth so I was very scared about it.  It was a wolf I noticed afterwards.  But the thunder shocked it and it went away, so li was very happy that the thunder helped me scare it away.

The next day, the weather was normal so I asked my friend to leave there quickly.  Finally, I didn’t like it and scared about this camping trip.  I will not forget this camp.

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A Scary Camp

4A Claudia

Last week, I went camping for one night on Lantau Island with my friends.  That day morning, we were so happy but at the night, it was so scary so.  I think I won’t go camping anymore.

In the morning, when we arrived Lantau Island, we didn’t see anyone.  We thought it was so lucky so we didn’t think about why there were no one.  We set up the tent.  After that, we went to the river to pick some water for cook.  We put down every thing in the tent then went to the beach.  We played for a ling time.  We were very happy.

In the afternoon, we went back to our tent, to start cooking.  We cooked curry.  It was delicious because it was cooked by ourselves.  We ate quickly as the sun was time to sleep.  We needed to make a camp fire.  It was the important thing of camping.  We talked a lot.  ‘Once upon a time, there were some people in the forest….’  I started to talk a ghost story.  We talked until very late.  We didn’t know there were something approach us.  We just thought this camp is so exciting.

At night, we all slept.  When we were dreaming a wonderful dream, suddenly, there was a big voice woke us up.  It was a lighting.  We were scared about this.  After a few seconds, the wind was going stronger and stronger.  At this time, I heard some sound.  I didn’t know what it was.  It sounded like some animals.  It was approaching us.  They were closer and closer.  We saw it is wolf!  ‘Oh my god!’ said my friends.  Luckily, it ran away and didn’t come back but we can’t sleep anymore.

Next day, we moved quickly because we just want to go home quickly.  This camping was too scary.  We won’t go camping anymore!  Too dangerous!  This time just is lucky.

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Letter of Complaint

4A Dicky

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Complaint about Sunny Springs Hotel

I am writing to complain about the level of service and hygiene of the room at the Sunny Springs Hotel.  I spent a night at your hotel recently and was extremely disappointed with the experience.

First and foremost, my complaint concerns the rude staff whose attitude and behavior are unacceptable.  When I arrived at the reception, there were a few staff who were chatting and one of them was talking on mobile phone even through I was standing in front of them and asked for help.  They definitely ignored me, so I stopped their talk.  And one staff told me they were busy and then the other one stared at me unfriendly.  They had not professional manner nor politeness so it was annoying.

Last but not least, my final dissatisfaction is the messy room where seemed to be never cleaned.  When I entered the room, the unmade bed broken light and dirty wall entered my eyes and the scene looked like hell that scared me to death.  But the toilet was the most unbelievable because there was water and rubbish all over the floor.  It was very disgusting.

I hope these complaints are taken seriously and expect to receive a full explanation regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Pat Chan

Pat Chan

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