My school life

1A Qiu Yongan

In the morning, I usually go to school by school bus or by MTR at 7:30 a.m.  The journey takes us 15 minutes.  At 7:45, I buy breakfast at the tuck shop.  There are bread and noodles in tuck shop.

At 8:30, we attend class.  We have English, Chinese, Math, and Liberal studies.  My left hand side is Jim.  My right hand side is Ryan.  In front of me is Ray.  Behind me is Mike.

At recess, mike and I always buy food at the tuck shop.  We buy chicken wings, fish balls and beef balls.  Sometimes we go to the social worker’s room.  We play card games and chat.

At lunch, we have lunch boxes in the classroom.  Sometimes we play basketball on the playground and watch DVDs in the school hall.

My best subjects are Maths and Liberal studies.  My poorest subject is English.

After school, sometimes I go home.  Sometimes I play ball games.

This is my school life.  I not only like my school life, but also enjoy my school life.

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