Unforgettable experience and feeling about the trip to Vietnam

By Ricky Yip

Have you ever experienced a meaningful event in the mainland?  Nowadays, people just think about how to earn a lot of money and they have no time to care other people who want a necessary help.  Many people are a very cheerful helper even though that is true.  I am the one of them that I am a very cheerful helper.  Moreover, I am a member of a youth organization.  I have just returned from a three-week trip to Vietnam.  I am going to share my experience and my feelings about the trip to you.

When I met a local family at Vietnam, I felt shocked because they are ridiculously thin like a bone.  Meanwhile of our communication, I knew that they are not only poor, but they also feel hungry all the time.  Although they face a lot of problems which is difficult, they are still happy and delighted because of the support of family.  When my companion and I wanted to leave the sky had been black and they were very nice to let us stay at night.  Sleeping at a small house, my companion always complained that he was uncomfortable because he felt he was bitten by something.  Facing his complaint, I said that it was all of his imagination.

The next morning, we decided that we volunteered to build a school in a rural area for children.  We hope that they have a chance to study and broaden their horizon.  If I were you, I would donate some money to the youth organization to build more school in a rural area.  I will give a lot of children an opportunity of study.  Building a school in a rural area, we need to put all of effort on it.  Every brick inside has filled with our love and our hope.  We hope that students could be clever and smart, so they could be able to change their lives.  Moreover, it would improve their quality of lives.

Leaving in a rural area after we built a school, we shook our hands to say goodbye.  We could not bear our feeling but cried.  Joining a youth organization is the most of meaningful event that I did.  If you want to do a meaningful event like me, you should do it.  While we were returning by train, I thought a lot of memory about the trip.  I cannot believe that I could live without money in a rural area.  I enjoyed working with my companion and I learnt how to cooperate with him.  Through the trip, it inspired me to treasure our life.  It let me know that life is invaluable.  There is no excuse to say that we cannot live without money.

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