Proposal of the Reading Programme

By Sophia Choi

Proposal of the Reading Programme




I.              Background


Students at school have become bored with the current reading programme, so we should make reading to be more enjoyable.  I have some ideas about this.


II.           Plan


We should hold ‘Book Fair’ to develop students’ reading habit.  It can be held in the hall after school.  We can use Award Scheme to attract students to join the event.


III.         Benefits of the Plan


III.I          Knowledge is POWER


It can help students to learn reading skill and develop their reading habit.  It can let them have more time to read.  When students read, they can learn more knowledge.  Reading is very important because knowledge is POWER.  It can help them change their life.


III.II         Reading is an entertainment


More students can attend the activities after school because many students are very bored.  They can join them to kill time.  Moreover, the plan can help students cultivate their sense of belonging.


IV.        Conclusion

I hope you can accept my plan because it is effective to help students improve their reading life.

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