Having Film Stars as Role Models

By Nicholas Li

Hong Kong’s film stars become more and more famous.  Therefore, many students choose film stars as their role models.  Film stars have some good personalities like being confident.  It is important for students to learn how to be confident.  However, films promote bad trend for example students will buy brand name product to pretend to be a film star.  In this article, should or should not have film stars as role models will be discussed.  This issue will be examined.

The main argument for having film stars as role models is that some film stars are good role models.  As role models, they need to have significant personalities such as being confident and hard working.  When they posses good personalities, people become better than before.  It is essential for role models to have well behaviour.  If film stars become role models, they should not behave badly.  They could contribute to society.  For example, volunteering charity activities can be very meaningful.  Role models should not only have well personality and behaviour, but they should also have done some achievements.  Film stars usually work very well in their industry.  Some film stars win Oscar Award, which is a famous award in the film industry.  People will aim at this goal and follow them.

The main argument against having film stars as role models is that some film stars are not good role models.  Some of them spread a lot of scandals.  For example, obscene photos of Edison Chan were spread.  It is pity if children receive wrong message of sex.  Kelvin Kwan was arrested in Japan as he possessed drug.  It becomes a bad trend.  The message tells his fans a concept that taking drug is acceptable.

All in all, good role models should have significant influence, good behaviour and a lot of achievements.  In my opinion, film stars cannot be role models.  Some historic heroes are more suitable.  For example, Lincoln managed the USA very well.  His success can be learnt.  He had a lot of achievement.  It is more educational.

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