A Life-changing Trip

By Jeffrey Tang

I want to be a volunteer and stay at Vietnam now.  My view of life has totally changed since I came back from Vietnam.  Youths held a summer experience trip to Vietnam.  The duration of this trip lasted for three week.  At first I joined the trip only for fun and killing time.

Once I arrived Vietnam, I realize my journey was tough.  I live with a local family there.  My host family lived under the mountain and I was required for help building a school in the rural siren.  Every morning I have to walk over an hour to reach the area.  In the first day morning, I ate breakfast quickly then took my trip to the mountain.  I found it very hard and tiring at first.  However this feeling disappeared as soon as I noticed that every child lived under the mountain was walking on the same path with me and they are all younger than me.

The school I had thought in there is a high building with windows, a playground, decent tables, chairs and black in classroom.  However the so-called “school” in there was totally out of my mind. 

There only was a ground floor, a few classrooms without any facilities yet.  I had to make them on my own and paint the wall as well.  Some volunteers came from Hong Kong.  Working together and their jokes got me through this hardship on the record day of work, there was a hole in one of the wall.  I was told to place some bricks to fix it.  Those bricks were very heavy and one of them fell on my feet accidentally.  I immediately fell on the ground.  A little girl saw it and ran away in a clumsy way.  Then a few minutes later, she came back with in even clumsier way holding a piece of blanket.  She used the piece of blanket to stop my bleeding, later I found out she tore her only blanket to help me.  As soon as I realized she is a disabled I could no longer hold my tears.  Although I don’t understand the language of Vietnam, the love and kindness pouring in her eyes could explain.

At the last day, the job was finally done.  Although the work was hard and exhausting, the smile that held on those children’s face worth.  The moment I made farewell to those kids and my host family, I cried like a baby.  The meaning of this trip is not only helping people in need but also a lesson of life.  If I had never joined this trip I would never have understood how beautiful the human nature is.  I want to spend the rest of my life be volunteered.

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