One unforgettable night on Lantau Island


Last Sunday, I went camping for one night on Lantau Island with my friends.  On the way going to the Island, my friends and I felt very excited.

When we arrived, we ran on the glasses and happy to talk and play with each other.  And then, we discussed what we needed to prepare to spend that night.

First, we went to collect some sticks, we used that to cook our dinner and set up a fire.  After the dinner, we sat around the fire and talked with each other.  All things were normal.

Two hours later, we went to sleep in the tent we had set up.  Suddenly, a lightening, a rain began, the wind blew to the trees and made a lot of noise.  That made us frightened.

Also, I saw a wolf ran near us.  I was very scared and tried my best to keep quiet.  After the wolf ran away, I whispered to my friends, ‘I saw a wolf!  We should keep quiet to stop attracting the other animals come here.’  And then, I closed my eye and wanted to let myself to fell asleep.

The next day, the rain had stopped, we took all our things and ran back home quickly.  It was very unforgettable for us to stay on Lantau Island.  I think I will not go camping for one night on Lantau Island from then on.  Because of the scary I had felt on that

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