Letter of complaint

4A Claudia

Dear Sir / Madam

Re: Complaint about Sunny Springs Hotel

  I am writing to complain about the level of service and cleanliness at the Sunny Springs Hotel.  I spent a night in your hotel on holiday and was very disappointed with the experience.

  First, I want to complain that the staff ignored me.  When I arrived, there were just few people waiting in front of the reception.  I went to the reception to check in but the staff ignored me.  I said I wanted to check in.  They told me they were very busy but their business was chatting with other staff.  I was shocked.  I was waiting more than ten minutes!  They didn’t care!  They just do their own things.  I needed to ask them many times then they just moved slowly to work.  They also looked like annoyed by me.

  Second, I was very disappointed about the messy and disgusting room. When I came into the room, there were something kicked down me.  It was a towel. And when I looked around the room, it was very messy.  The bed was messy and there were many black patterns on the wall.  Many things were broken.  The toilet was extremely disgusting.  I couldn’t change it and I should clean the room by myself!  I was so disappointed.

  I hope these complaints are taken seriously and expect to receive a full explanation regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Pat Chan

Pat Chan

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