Argumentative Writing

4A Steven

The most popular trend in popular culture in Hong Kong – Facebook

  Nowadays, everyone has a Facebook and needs to use it anytime and anywhere.  Facebook becomes more and more popular so that more and more people are willing to use it.  So I think Facebook is the most popular trend in Hong Kong

  Firstly, it is entertaining that Facebook provides us with different kinds of entertainments.  It is because when we feel bored, the first thing that we think of is the Internet.  And Facebook on the internet is very famous and has so many entertaining games that can make people feel relaxed and excited, for example, Bubble Witch Saga and Diamond Dash.  So, for many teenagers, Facebook is a good platform to have fun.

  Secondly, it is convenient for us to make new friends all around the world on Facebook.  It is because Facebook is an international social intercourse service website.  People can use a Facebook ID to make friends with other IDs from all over the world.  If we want to make a friend overseas, we are able to make friends on Facebook instead of going abroad.  So the distance between people gets closer and closer because of Facebook.

  Finally, it is good for us to know our friends’ recent news on Facebook everyday.  It is because people can describe their status on Facebook and we can see it at once.  And then we can also describe our feelings and communicate with our friends under the status on Facebook.  If we have some problems, we can also ask our friends on Facebook for help.  So, it is helpful for us to have a Facebook.

  In conclusion, I strongly agree Facebook is the most popular trend in popular culture in Hong Kong.  It is because it can let people relaxed theirselves, is convenient and can help us solve problems immediately.

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