Argumentative Writing


The most popular trend in popular culture in Hong Kong – Facebook 

  Nowadays, ‘Facebook’ is a common word and people regardless of age all have Facebook account.  From this, we can notice Facebook attracts all people to play it.  There are two reasons why Facebook is so attractive.

  Firstly, it is entertaining that Facebook provides us with different kinds of entertainments.  There are a lot of entertainments on Facebook, such as playing games, sharing musics and videos, as well as releasing information.  When you feel bored, you can play games with other one on Facebook.  You can share the results after you finish the game.  Also, you can record the results.  Besides, you can share your favourite musics and videos for your friends.  If you find an interesting video, sharing it with your friends can get fun too.

  Finally, it is easier for everyone to make friends on Facebook than in reality life.  Many people are short of communication and mixing in with people, so they can make friends on Facebook.  Moreover, most people have Facebook account, it makes you to make friends easily.

  In conclusion, people was attracted by Facebook as Facebook in entertaining and make friends easily.

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