A Scary Night


One day, my best friend decided to go to Lantau Island for a one day and one night camp with me.  I of course wanted to have a camp to go with my friend – Lung, but I mentioned that the weather on that day was very bad.  My friend, Lung had known about this but he said that if the weather was bad, it would be more exciting.  It sounded good so I prepared all about camping’s food, clothes, water and so on to go for an exciting camp.

When we arrived the Lantau Island, we were looking for a good place for us to stay.  Afterwards, we went to find some wood sticks for burning and cooking.  That was very amazing that we used the survival skills to cook and play.  When we were playing energetically, the weather turned bad quickly.  It rained afterwards so that we needed to go inside the tent, the wind blew very strong and the thunder appeared in the sky for a long time.  It was getting dark and the sky was going to rain heavily so we just stayed in the tent to play pocker that I brought.

After three to four hours the sky was dark completely.  We just ate the snacks and the can food to fulfill our hunger.  As we were too bored so we just could sleep early.  When we fell asleep, the thunder shocked me up and I noticed something was walking around our tent.  I saw it had a sharp teeth so I was very scared about it.  It was a wolf I noticed afterwards.  But the thunder shocked it and it went away, so li was very happy that the thunder helped me scare it away.

The next day, the weather was normal so I asked my friend to leave there quickly.  Finally, I didn’t like it and scared about this camping trip.  I will not forget this camp.

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