A Scary Camp

4A Claudia

Last week, I went camping for one night on Lantau Island with my friends.  That day morning, we were so happy but at the night, it was so scary so.  I think I won’t go camping anymore.

In the morning, when we arrived Lantau Island, we didn’t see anyone.  We thought it was so lucky so we didn’t think about why there were no one.  We set up the tent.  After that, we went to the river to pick some water for cook.  We put down every thing in the tent then went to the beach.  We played for a ling time.  We were very happy.

In the afternoon, we went back to our tent, to start cooking.  We cooked curry.  It was delicious because it was cooked by ourselves.  We ate quickly as the sun was time to sleep.  We needed to make a camp fire.  It was the important thing of camping.  We talked a lot.  ‘Once upon a time, there were some people in the forest….’  I started to talk a ghost story.  We talked until very late.  We didn’t know there were something approach us.  We just thought this camp is so exciting.

At night, we all slept.  When we were dreaming a wonderful dream, suddenly, there was a big voice woke us up.  It was a lighting.  We were scared about this.  After a few seconds, the wind was going stronger and stronger.  At this time, I heard some sound.  I didn’t know what it was.  It sounded like some animals.  It was approaching us.  They were closer and closer.  We saw it is wolf!  ‘Oh my god!’ said my friends.  Luckily, it ran away and didn’t come back but we can’t sleep anymore.

Next day, we moved quickly because we just want to go home quickly.  This camping was too scary.  We won’t go camping anymore!  Too dangerous!  This time just is lucky.

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