A litter of Advice

2A  Chan Cheuk Ling

Dear Principal

Hello, I am Chirs Wong .i am Chairman of the Green Club .

        I could like to talk about the environment . This id my suggestion letter .

         Firstly student turns this school air- conditioner to19℃. It is not environmentally friendly and the room is very cold . This school should turn the air-conditioner at25℃.We should keep the air-conditioner at25℃.

         Secondly, student never turn off the light in classroom. We should turn off the light .

         Thirdly, some teaches only use half a page of the paper. So teachers should use both sides of a sheet of paper.

        Lastly , this school classroom do not put the rubbish in the recycling bin so we should the recycling bin the each classroom , so classmates has recycling. Thank you for recalling letter.  It really hope that you can accept my view .

                                                        Yours Faithfully

                                                          Chirs Wong .

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