A letter to the editor


        I am writing to express my opinion about some environmental issues.

        Firstly, there is a serious problem. It is dogs fouling the pavement. The dog’s owner didn’t clean up their pavement after the foul. It makes the environment dirtier and smells bad. It is because people bring their dogs to the inappropriate place. To solve the problem, the Government has to set up a law to fine the owner who didn’t clean up the pavement. The Government also has to set up a park for the dogs and organize a clean up team.

        Secondly, air – conditioner too cold in shopping malls is also a big problem. People set the air – conditioner at a very law temperature. It makes people get sick. It wastes electricity and causes higher carbou emissions. I think the government should set up a law to set temperature at 23 degrees. And they have to switch to solan energy. 

                            Yours faithfully ,
                                     Jane Yip

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