2B Ali


        My name is Christ Wong. Anna is my best friend .Anna and I go to school everyday. Last Saturday, Anna and I went to see a movie.


        On that day, I told Anna to wait for me at the Light Rail Station. We took a train from Siu Hong to Town Centre. When we arrived, we queued up in a line and waited for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, we bought two tickets and also two boxes of pop corn. We saw a manager standing beside the doors. We asked him, “Which door is for horror movie?” he said that the door beside the rubbish bin was for horror movie. We enjoyed the horror movie with scary face. A lot of people were frightened. After we saw the horror movie, we went to a nearby restaurant to have our lunch. At last we went home by taxi. I felt scared after I saw the horror movie so I drunk a cup of tea with Anna.


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