Letter of Advice

18th October

Dear Harry,

I’m sorry to hear that you have nowhere to study and don’t worry about these problems.

I’m happy to hear that you can handle your homework and you are a hard working student.  First, I will give you a few suggestions.  You should go to library to study, I think library can offer a comfortable place for you, it is better than your home, maybe it will have air-conditioner.  And you could go to your friends’ house.  If you stay at home to study, you will feel bored.  But if you study with friends, it would be better, maybe it can improve your school results.  Next, it is not only you who do not have enough pocket money.  In Hong Kong, many students face this problem.  I will give several advice to you.  You should tell your friends, don’t worry, if they are your real friends, they will understand you.  If you want, you can go to the parks with friends.

I hope this advice is useful, please write to me again if you need any more help.

Best wishes,


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