1A Steven Wong

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is coming.  It is on December 25th.  Christmas comes from the West.  This is a joyful and peaceful festival.  All people are very happy.  So we will buy some decorations to get ready for this fantastic festival.

What do people do at Christmas?  Well, they are going to buy some decorations, a big Christmas tree and a twinkling Christmas star.  Then we will decorate a tree and hang a red Christmas stocking.

I will decorate my home.  I will buy a small Christmas tree and glittering lights.  I will decorate the small Christmas tree and hang the red Christmas stocking too!

What will I do?  I will do Christmas shopping and have a Christmas party.  I will eat a lot of food.  I will eat mouth-watering turkey and a sweet Christmas pudding.  Christmas is so good!

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