1B Leung Kai Chiu

Shing Mun Reservoir

On 27th December, we will go to Shing Mun Reservoir.  We will gather in school at 8:20 am, we will take the MTR to go to Tsuen Wan and take the bus to go to Shing Mun.  The journey will take forty-five minutes.  In Shing Mun, we can see a lot of trees.  We can see monkeys on the trees.  We will feel the wind and feel trees.  We will return at 1:50 pm from Shing Mun.  We will take a bus to Tsuen Wan West MTR station and take the MTR to Tuen Mun.  We will dismiss at school at 2:30 pm.  We will have lunch at school.  You can go to your English teacher to sign up.

We will bring a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.

本篇發表於 S1。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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