Privacy on Computer

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Privacy on Computer


Do you save personal information on your computer?  If yes, your privacy like ID card number, phone number and bank account password may have the risk of being stolen.  Recently, there were 14 people being suspected of stealing money after illegally accessing passwords and personal information stored on their victims’ computer.  As a computer user, we really should be more alert.


Nowadays, computer is one of the universal electronic tools.  Most of us tend to save our privacy on computer.  There is no denying that computer is very convenient to us.  However, we always overlook some dangers it presents.  In order to protect our personal information from being leaking, there are some measures we can do.


Firstly, the simplest may is not to store our personal information on computer, especially our bank account password.  Some criminal groups always target the people who save bank account passwords on computer.  If it’s necessary for you to save the password, you can use a stronger password.


Secondly, we can stall stronger and safer antivirus software on our computer.  It can effectively prevent the computer from being hacked.  Moreover, we had better not download some uncertain information or click in the website that we don’t know.


In conclusion, we shouldn’t just take advantage of the benefits from the computer.  It’s important for us to enhance awareness of the dangers our computer presents.  Let’s use the computer safely!

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