Policeman Killed himself

Christy 6D(P)


Policeman Killed himself


Police officer killed in shooting incident inside Tsuen Wan police station


A police officer was killed and was discovered in the bathroom of Tsuen Wan police station at 4pm.  He had gunshot wounds to his head.  He was declared dead after being sent to the Yan Chai hospital.


The reason why he committed suicide is because he had to incur large number of debts.  He couldn’t afford to return the money.  As a result, he killed himself.


In my opinion, he was silly.  Committing suicide can’t tackle the problem at all.  He just left, the problem to his family members.  Everyone will face difficulties.  We should not give up ourselves.  There might have countless effective ways to return the money.  It’s naïve of the police officer to kill himself.  Don’t you think so?


Closely associated with this is that his family members might be sad.  His mother suddenly lost her son and his daughter lost her father.  No one will take care of them after the police officer passed away.  Also, they may face financial difficulties too.


The prelude to preventing this kind of incident is to put more awareness on police officers.  Teaching them how to reduce their stress.  The government can provide them with counseling service.


Were I the police officer, I wouldn’t kill myself.  I would seek help from my friends and try to return the money.  That’s the effective way to address the problem. 


To conclude, despite the fact that we face difficulties in life, we shouldn’t give up.  Tomorrow is another day.

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