Paternity Leave

Emily Tang 6B(P)

 Paternity Leave


The hot issue of last week was paternity leave.  Should the men be allowed having a leave when their wives give birth?  Based on humanitarian reasons, I think it’s feasible.  However, it may be banned by employers.

Paternity leave gas been passed in some countries like Australia and English.  In Britain, the fathers even can gave six-month paternity leave.  That’s great!  They can witness the moment their babies are born.  They would like to go on being excited.  It’s delighting for them to have a paternity leave.  Moreover, they can take care of their wives by themselves.

Of cause, somebody may say they can hire natal workers or let the elderly look after the women.  It seems to be cruel.  I’m sure that most of the pregnant women will hope their husbands can be with them after delivering.  Even the babies may hope so.  Am I right?  Also, the men can practise taking care of children through the leave.

Accompanied by husbands, the opportunity of suffering from postpartum depression will be decreased.  General causes to postpartum depression are that the pregnant women stay alone after giving birth, lack concern or don’t know how to look after their babies.  Should their husbands have time to give more concern to them, it will decrease considerable risk of suffering from postpartum depression.

The reason of banning this leave is that it’s hard for the employers to find other staff to take over the work suddenly.  There may not be only one staff asking for leave at the same time.  Furthermore, if lots of staff need to leave, productive forces and profit of the companies will be affected.  The employers also may feel it’s a waste of money paying salary if the paternity leave is paid leave.

‘Any post can be substituted, but not the father?’  If they miss the moment their babies are born, they will regret for giving up the opportunity to fight for paternity leave.  Besides, the employers should be in favour of this suggestion especially who have already been fathers now.

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