No Good to Be Materialistic

Ricky Ng 6D(P)

 No Good to Be Materialistic


 Many people love buying and pursuing famous brand’s products.  However, how many people will sacrifice themselves for these expensive brand’s products?  There is one, but fortunately she is safe.

The incident occurred in Sham Shui Po.  There was a fire blazing at an unit.  A woman she is 54 years old and her husband who is 57 years old opened the door, and they saw that the living room had already been caught in the flames.  At that time, many tenants had fled, but hey were still trapped inside.  While they were feeling the panic, the woman remembered her daughter saying to her that Gucci and LV bags were expensive.  They all cost $5000 – 6000 each.  She rushed into her daughter’s room without hesitation to save the bags and got rescue from the fireman.

After reading this piece of news.  I thought that were I the woman’s daughter, I would be speechless.  I would want to scold her bitterly, but she risked losing her life for my words.  I would be in conflict.  Actually life is precious, missing money can be earned back, but everyone just can only live one time.

Finally, I hope that the woman can change her value and at the same time I believe that there are many people like her.  I hope this incident can also inspire them too.

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One Response to No Good to Be Materialistic

  1. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    In the materialistic society, many people persue the brand-named. Many people think that if they don’t buy brand’s products, they will be out of fashion. However, it is not good for us to persue the brand-named blindly and recklessly. After I read this news, I think it isn’t sensible for the woman to protect the brand-named bags, when her life was unthreaten. Most importantly, we should build up a correct value and consumer attitude.


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