More is Better?

Lai Chun Hang 6C


More is Better?


Summer vacation seemed to be in the end of the line.  Students have embarked on the hustle and bustle of study life in the upcoming session.  What pupils should do to have an all-round Development may throw down the gauntlet for parents.


It seems to be a regular pattern that parents send their kids off taking part in extra-curricular activities each year.  Students are not only forced to join those, but also exhausted that they need to do their best in both areas like academic performance.  Some may think that learning more skills would help students have much better career.  However, students aren’t benefited from something they have no interests to learn.


In addition, interpersonal relationship is another fundamental factor kid’s mental development.  They need to lie in socializing with others so as to establish their esteem and vice versa more importantly, they can learn how to put themselves into the shoes of others. Hence, the better interpersonal relationship kids have, the more harmonious their schooling-life becomes.


In fact, parents should not over-value either academic performance or intelligent development of their kids.  There is a need for students to acquire parents’ support during childhood.

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