Great Teachers

Emily Tang 6B(P)


Great Teachers


Last week, it’s the annual Teachers’ Day.  Mr Michael Suen who is the Secretary for Education praised by Mr Suen, the teachers may be more hard-working in the upcoming days.


Someone may feel Teachers’ Day just provides an opportunity for teachers to show off their abilities on education; however, in my opinion, some teachers are worth being praised.  The teachers not only need to teach students knowledge of books, but also enrich their life.  They need to help students to deal with emotion problems.  For example, they will tutor their students when the students are confused or under stress about the exams.


Sometimes, if students are isolated by friends, they need to be given some suggestions to cope with the conflicts.  When it comes to being asked for help, the teachers always give a helping hand to their students.  With a view to being close to the students, a teacher who was mentioned in the news learnt to use social websites and send messages to his students.  It’s because he wants to communicate with his students through these fashionable gadgets.


Apart from these, a kind of teachers, teaching the NSS students should be high-profile commended.  Needing to prepare more for students and bear the pressure same as NSS students, many teachers’ workload is increased.  Even though they give up their leisure time to hold tutorials for students, they have never cried out foul for it.  Their effort should be praised at Teachers’ Day, isn’t it?


However, someone doesn’t simply praise the teachers through this day.  It’s just like in China.  There’re numerous parents taking advantage of this day to apple-polish their children’s teachers.  They would give lots of ‘presents’ to the teachers.  The common ‘presents’ are mooncakes, fruit, coupons or red packets.  It’s unreasonable for the teachers to receive the ‘presents’.  It seems to breach the original intention of the Teachers’ Day.


There is no doubt that good teachers should be commended.  It lets their effort be recognized.  Nevertheless, some teachers being bribed should be punished severely.  Were I the colleague of these teachers, I would disclose them.

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One Response to Great Teachers

  1. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    Teachers are great ! They always teach their students seriously and hardly ,and they don’t expect anything in return. Therefore, their spirit of selflessness is worth being commended, especially at Teacher’s Day. When teacher ‘s effort are recognized , they will very happy as well as fulling of more passion in teaching.


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