As a Construction Worker…

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As a Construction Worker…

Recently, the word reported that Hong Kong’s jobless rate has fallen to a thirteen-year low of three point two percent.  In fact, the drop in unemployment rate is mainly due to a reduction in the size of the labour force, especially in the construction sector which has dropped to a thirteen-year low as well.

Nowadays, many housing and infrastructure projects are in the pipeline, so there is a question that whether there would be enough construction workers to get the job done.  In order to improve the situation, many contractors are trying to attract workers by offering higher wages.  For example, workers who used to earn eight hundred dollars per day two years ago are now paid one-thousand-five-hundred dollars a day.

Nevertheless, it’s not easy for the construction sector to employ enough workers as people have a special thinking towards this job.  For instance, construction workers these days think that this type of job is too tiring and very dangerous.  As a result, it is recommended that relevant authorities ought to improve the image of construction workers as soon as possible.

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