Textbooks tax break urged

6A   Anwar                     Textbooks tax break urged


Because of textbooks’ high prices, a lot of families cannot afford them. So the Democratic Aliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong said eight of 10 parents believe they have spent more for children’s textbooks this year.

After I read the news, I thought that the news is true since many parents spend a lot of money on their children’s education in the new school year. Although the prices of textbooks become expensive, many families cannot pay for the books.


Moreover, the news said that the new policy which is debunding textbook sets can relieve the financial burden. However, I cannot agree with this since debunding textbook sets only helps the publishers make more money and increases parents’ financial burden.

So I hope the suggestion from the DAB legislator starry Lee Wai-king regarding setting a tax allowance of up to HK $ 10,000 for each child per year can be carried out. It is because this is a away to relieve their financial burden.

Finally, I hope the publishers can decrease the prices of the textbooks as it helps many parents buy textbooks for their child.

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