Stop Mainland Pregnant Women

6B   Emily Tang                         Stop Mainland Pregnant Women

In recent years, many non-local pregnant women give birth in Hong Kong. The pressure of medical systems was increased in Hong Kong. The pregnant women, who came from the mainland, cried foul that it’s not fair to be refused to give birth in Hong Kong. However, I think they have deprived the local mothers’ right.

A few days ago, there’re some of the mainland pregnant women knelt and begged York Chow to offer some maternity wards to them. Someone may feel it’s cruel to let pregnant women kneel. York Chow still rejected them. However, I don’t think be was wrong. Should the mainland mothers be provided the maternity wards for delivering just because of kneeling, how about the local pregnant women? With a view to quality obstetric service, were I he, I wouldn’t be soft-hearted.

Although there’re many Hong Kong or mainland people criticizing York Chow who was extremely indifferent, his practice can raise Hong Kong birth rate. Being aging population, Hong Kong needs some newborn babies to balance the phenomenon. Somebody may say if Hong Kong government let non-local pregnant women give birth in Hong Kong, it’s also able to raise birth rate. However, most of them may immigrate after delivering in Hong Kong. In order to access to qualify maternity services, some of non-local mothers came to Hong Kong for delivering. They seized Hong Kong mothers’ delivery opportunities. Therefore, it makes Hong Kong people refuse to have babies. The aging population will continue to deteriorate.

How to crack down the situation that too many non-local pregnant women give birth in Hong Kong? The government can eradicate illegal agency which helps mainland mothers give birth in Hong Kong. They would offer convenient procedures to attract many mothers to join it. If the government can eradicate unscrupulous agency, it must reduce that situation in the short-term.

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