Homemade mooncakes on the rise

6D     Christy  Lau             Homemade mooncakes on the rise

 Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. When it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival, countless people will buy moon cakes to celebrate it.  However, this year more people prefer making the mooncakes by themselves rather than buying it on the market.

The reason why people make the moon cakes is because the inflation in Hong Kong is increasing.  People don’t want to have financial burden.  As a result, they opt to eat homemade moon cakes.

The benefits of homemade mooncakes can be perceived in many aspects. To begin with homemade mooncakes have quality assurance. Some manufacturers will put some food additives in the mooncakes. It’s no gainsaying that eating too many additives is pernicious to our health. If we know the ingredients of the mooncakes, we can eat it contentedly. Don’t you think so?

Closely associated with this is that we can choose the ingredients by ourselves. People attach more importance in health nowadays. The traditional mooncakes are so sweet that the elderly and people who have diabetes can’t eat them. We can choose some healthier ingredients to make the mooncakes like green beans. As a result, all of the people can eat them together.

To conclude, homemade mooncakes contribute a lot to our health.  Maybe I will learn how to make mooncakes if I have leisure time.

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One Response to Homemade mooncakes on the rise

  1. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    It’s really a good choice to make mooncakes by ourselves . Actually, it isn’t only have quality assurance , but also environmentally friendly. The mooncakes that we make needn’t luxurious package which can damage the envionment. Therefore, this choice is worth appluaded by us.



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