Food choice what counts most

6A    Anwar                                             Food choice what counts most

There are three US studies that spanned 20 years. The studies pointed out that the idea of exercising more and eating less for good health may be too simplistic. The subjects’ lifestyle changes and weight gain were tracked every four years for two decades.

According to the news, the survey showed the importance of making wise food choices in preventing weight gain and obesity. Moreover, the findings also found out if people eat more vegetables, yogurt, fruit and nuts, they will gain less weight.

Apart from losing weight, it also changes the participants’ lifestyles such as less exercise and more television watching. The findings also pointed out that a good night’s rest, but not too much rest appeared beneficial too.

Furthermore, the survey told us a balanced lifestyle and balanced diets are very important for our health. It is because slight changes in eating health, such as eating an extra serving of potato chips or fries each day, can add plenty to a person’s weight over the years.

Nowadays, everyone wants to lose weight. However, he or she uses the wrong ways, such as a hunger strike and buying some slimming products to lose weight. They don’t know it’s essential to exercise regularly and choose the right foods to eat. Many kinds of foods can prevent weight gain and help to keep fit.

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