Expanding Welfare Assistance to…?

6C   Jade Yip     Expanding Welfare Assistance to…?

The Community Care Fund’s sub-committee has been recently talking about how it could help elderly citizens who are now facing high levels of rent.

Be that as it may, as far as I’m concerned, the government should also take low-income families into account. That means it also ought to expand its mandate to provide low-income families who are not on social welfare with financial assistance rather than only focusing on elderly citizens.

It’s certainly true that the gap between rich and poor is on the rise in recent years, and how to tackle this social issue is becoming more significant. As a result, if the policy only tends to benefit elderly citizens, the measure is ting drop of water in a big empty cup because it means nothing to poor people. Instead, it would arouse anger among the grass roots, wouldn’t it?

Another argument is that it is not only the administration’s but also every Hong Kong citizen’s responsibility to take care of society. There is no denying that most of Hong Kong people are not capable of widening wealth gap. Otherwise, the social problem of poverty will not be in existence.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial for the government to solve the poverty problem that was caused by the unbalanced labour market through its policy.

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