Bags of money

6A     Anwar                                               Bags of money

A teenager girl’s wealthy parents allowed her to collect 1,000 Louis Vuitton handbags and then bought a flat to store them. After five-years, they discovered she was suffered from autism.

After I read the news, I thought that sometimes parents’ money could make children become shopaholic and suffer from autism. Many sufferers of autism are when they are just two or three years old. Of course, many sufferers are suffered from autism because of their parents’ money.

Furthermore, autism is a disease which affects the sufferers’ healthy development of social and communication skills. It is because the sufferers only like to live in their own space and they are only able to accept on environment with collection.

According to the news, the 17-year-old LV girl took the drug for a couple of weeks before she received behavior treatment. She is also able to accept place without LV products and find another pastime activity —— swimming. I feel happy for her since would be restored.

However, I also think that we cannot label children as autism children usually get outstanding academic results, especially in mathematics and science. Sometimes some parents do not seek help when their children are suffering from autism. It is because they think their children just have bad tempers than others.

Finally, there are six in 1,000 people in Hong Kong have serious autistic symptoms, with two in 1,000 are diagnosed with autism. It is only because they do not seek help and become serious.

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One Response to Bags of money

  1. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    It’s important for the parents to take care of their children patiently , especially the autism children who need much more love and care. I think the parents have the responsibility to take care of their children well and they shouldn’t think that give money and pachase the brand-named for their children is the best . Maybe , the genuine love and care are rather than anything.


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