6D   Ricky Ng      

As you know, there are many cubicle homes in Hong Kong, especially in Kowloon city and Sham Shui Po.  Also, these are all old buildings.

First of all, cubicle homes are a mark of Hong Kong. Everybody knows that land in Hong Kong is previous. Not only are the property prices high, but also the rent is expensive. Therefore, small rooms are subletted to make money. However, the conditions of them are seriously poor. There are fleas, mites as well as insects. Also, people live in there without hot water supply and even power because they want to save money. And many of them are more than 50 years old. It generates many problems.

Recently, there are some cases of fires over subdivided flats. On June 15, that killed four people and leaving dozens homeless. These cases were all because of burning fuses and water leaks. Should we tackle the problems, we must find tenants or Buildings Department. However, it’s difficult for us to find the owners and the Buildings Department said the premises are not in imminent danger, so it will not take action.

All in all, the government should face squarely these problems. The government should take a proactive attitude.

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  1. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    In my opinion, cubicle homes is very common in Hong Kong. However, the quality of life of cubicle homes is very bad. Therefore, the government should take some action to improve the cubicle homes problems.



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