Fatal Industrial Accident

6A    Elaine Cheung                                            Fatal Industrial Accident

Two workers, aged 49 and 47, were crushed to death in an accident at a Tsuen Wan construction site on 8th July. The pair were crushed when a cage which was full of steel bars suddenly collapsed on them. A construction unionist said that it was an unprecedented industry accident.

After the accident, police and Labour Department investigate whether the workers followed the proper safety regulations at work. In facet, the government should step up to promote industrial safety so as to enhance people’s awareness of safety and deliver more safety information for them.

For the workers, it’s important for them to follow the rules at work instead of overlooking safety. Moreover, the worker should pay more attention to safety when they are doing some dangerous works. The workers should regard this accident as an alert.

In short, life is most important, so we should enhance awareness of safety whatever we are doing.

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