Stress 5C Jade (R4)

‘What is stress?’ The question is constantly being asked. Especially by teenagers who are under the pressure of school work nowadays. In fact, stress is one of society’s biggest problems. When people are stressed, they cannot study efficiently, do their jobs well or develop good relationships. However, there are a number of ways that students can manage their situation.

One solution to the problem is to learn to relax if they feel a little stressed for an exam. Without a doubt, an exam motivates students to study harder, and they will be under a bit of pressure, thereby being felt that they have too many things to do. Likewise, they will lack in energy and feel exhausted all the time. More seriously, they will suffer from poor concentration, memory and difficulty sleeping due to their revision overnight. Therefore, it is important for them to find hobbies they enjoy and are also calming. For example, they ought to read a good book, listen to music, or relax in a hot bath and so on.

A second solution is that students can talk to parents, friends or teachers about the pressure. It is certainly true that all the parents expect their children to get A grades in every subject, or push them to practise the piano developing their potential. Nevertheless, parents are not aware of their children bearing too much pressure already. In a worse case scenario, students also feel stressed from their friends. For instance, they will be instigated to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol with those friends. Otherwise, they will not be part of their gang. As a result, students will be constantly suffering from headaches and having trouble concentrating at school. In view of this, they should discuss the situation with the relevant people and ask them for help if feeling overwhelmed.

A third solution to the problem is to have a positive attitude and be realistic when students are suffering from stress. There is a prime example: Jenny feels that she is so fat and overweight that nobody likes her. Due to this, people like her will see only the negative side of situations, and perhaps, feel lonely or isolated. As a matter of fact, no one is perfect because everyone has weaknesses. If students see good qualities in themselves, they are more likely to feel good. Therefore, they ought to accept themselves as they are and identify their own unique skills and strengths.

In conclusion, it is important to know if we are suffering from stress, especially for students, and how to cope with it. When they feel that they are under the pressure, they should, for example, learn to relax, discuss with a confidante to set realistic goals for themselves in their mind.

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9 Responses to Stress 5C Jade (R4)

  1. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    I strongly agree with your solution when feel pressure. When I feel pressure before the examination. I will relax my mind and don’t be nervous(talk to myself). However, maybe it’s not work to others or just work for me =).Moreover, when you feel you or your friends’ emotional tension, you should lend a helping hand to solve his/her pressure problems.

  2. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    I absolutely agree with you. It is because any teenagers have a lot of streeed in our life.
    I my case, I always worried about my exam, so there is a lot of streeed is my school life. Therefore, i will do some activities to relax my feeling.For example, i will spend a time listening music. As a result, we should learn to relax.

  3. Connie Chan 5C 03 說道:

    You are right. In contemporary society, we always receive bad presses ,which is about teenagers committed suicide because of stress. Indeed, they have a lot of methods to help them relieve their pressure. It is important for everyone to notice and use.

  4. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    It is no denying that students have a lot of pressure nowadays. A little stress can let us to have more power to finish our work. That why some of the students do their homework at last day of the holiday.

  5. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung jason 說道:

    Sure!! We have to pay attention to people who are stressful and hold a regular course or talk for students to express their feelings. Also, we need to find more ways to take care of our students.

  6. 5A24Pang Ho Yi 說道:

    Nowaday we always face stress in our life. Teenager always face stress from school.
    Stress there are negative and possitive effect.In our life,suitable stress is good for us.

  7. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    Apart from your solutions, I think we can also try to let the pressure become motivations especial duing exams. Therefore, if we can deal with or release our pressure properly, pressure can be positive thing.

  8. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    I bet that everyone must have their own pressure. No matter it comes from what, we must learn how to relax ourselves. Sometimes, we do not need to force ourselves too tight. Then, everthing is going to be easy.

  9. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    I absolutely agree with you."When people are stressed, they cannot study efficiently, do their jobs well or develop good relationships." It is serious that people could not control their stress.Then they will commit suicide.So many people live in hk have this problem.How they can control it?It is a difficult question.


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