More immigrants are Welcome? 5A Anwar (R4)

‘The government should encourage more people to live in Hong Kong’.  Do you agree?  Hong Kong is an international city, and consequently many people live in Hong Kong.  In recent years, the government encourages more people to immigrate to Hong Kong.  However, I totally disagree with this policy.

Firstly, Hong Kong is already overcrowded.  There are already about seven million people living in this small area.  As a result, many people have to live in very small, cramped flats.  The roads and pavement are heavily congested, and it is usually hard to get a seat on public transport.  All of these problems would be much worse if more people lived here.

Secondly, if a lot of people lived in Hong Kong, it would make the air pollution worse.  For example, there would be more traffic on the roads and an increasing use of electricity. If there is a lot of traffic on the roads, it will be an increasing hazard to health.  Since these are the two main causes of air pollution, having more of these would make the air quality here much worse.

Finally, if more people were encouraged to live in Hong Kong, it would increase the unemployment rate.  This is because the competition for each job is already very intense at the position; it would be even harder to find a job.

In conclusion, I do not agree that the government should encourage more people to live in Hong Kong since it would make the city more overcrowded and the air pollution worse.  It would also make it harder for people here to get a job.

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9 Responses to More immigrants are Welcome? 5A Anwar (R4)

  1. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    I’m extremely agree with your weak points of Hong Kong. In my opinion, Hong Kong Government should not encourage more people live in Hong Kong. If more people live in Hong Kong, that’s may easy to make a lot of problems to us. For example, we haven’t enough place to live. I hope Hong Kong Government will stop their encouraging and don’t make the problems colossally. Otherwise, we cannot be called the name of internetional city.

  2. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    I agree with you, because Hong Kong is an international city. There are different immigrants in our city. There are a lot of advantages. For example, it will increase the unemployment rate. However, the racial discrimination is a serious problem in Hong Kong. It is a very commen problem in evey city. I hope this problem will be solved.

  3. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    I don’t want people to immigrate to Hong Kong too. If people immigrate to Hong Kong ,the government need to put resources to help them. It is not fair to the locals, isn’t it?However, it can pull in more talented people to Hong Kong .

  4. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung jason 說道:

    I totally agree with you because Hong Kong are limited space which can’t accomodate more people. So, the government should have the other ways to cope with this kind of problem.

  5. 5A24Pang Ho Yi 說道:

    I agree with you because Hong Kong is a small place,it can not accommodate
    many immigrate to live .The people to immigrants to Hong Kong will face many problem. the government should help them to solve these problem.

  6. 5C Jade Yip 說道:

    I strongly agree with your opinion that more and more people should not be encouraged to immigrate to Hong Kong because as you said, Hong Kong is a place with a large population. As a result, it causes different problems. For instance, in contemporary society, citizens have a great demand on different things such as social welfare or articles for daily use. Without a doubt, it is a way that the community has to progressively bear a lot of financial burden. Isn’t that true?
    As a result, I also disagree with this policy of encouraging more people to immigrate to Hong Kong.

  7. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    I’m objected to launching this policy too.there’re really too crowded in Hong Kong.I will be unable to breathe as soon as possible.About all, if more people immigrate to Hong Kong, our welfare will be reduced.Also, the expenditures of our government will be increased too.

  8. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    Well, i’ve got an alternative opinion from this. Actually, there is a scheme in Hong Kong called Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals, which is encourage some of the talents or professionals immigrate to Hong Kong. This do us some benefits. For example, admitted talents and professionals can be able to contribute to the operation of the firms so as to slove the problem in shortage locally.

  9. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    Well,in our stand,HK should not resist the western people,also the local resident.It is a good way to let tourists could feel our enthusiasm.


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