Rumour of Radiation 5C Jade (R3)

It is recently rumoured that radioactivity may be carried by winds from Japan to China.  Also, someone on the Internet said that salt contained iodine which could offer protection against radiation.

Therefore, after the rumour regarding the prevention of cancer had circulated, there was a panic buying being sparked.  For example, scrambling for salt against radiation, crowds of customers lined up in the stores of Macau where the salt supply was sold at more than 200 dollars a bag within two hours.

It is the same story in Guangdong, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and so forth.  As a matter of fact, it all started with rumour on the Internet which misled people into thinking that consuming iodised salt will prevent cancer that may result from radiation in Japan.  It is extremely foolish to believe that because it is completely unfounded scientifically and medically, isn’t it?

As the case stands, according to some professional doctors, too much iodine is bad for our health.  As a result, eating too much salt can increase potential risk of heart disease, nephropathy and so on.

All in all, in fact, the government has the responsibility to strengthen the control of the food importing from other countries so as to ensure the safety of food instead of encouraging the general public to scramble for iodised salt.  Otherwse, it will be easy to make society unstable.

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7 Responses to Rumour of Radiation 5C Jade (R3)

  1. maya mak (5a) 說道:

    You are right. Also, we should have right senses to judge the rumor. Don’t trouble the trouble until the trouble troubles you!

  2. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    Many people rush to buy the salt and Japanese products, is it crazy? isn’t it? In my opinion, they are no knowledge about the prevention of radiation. They will only listen the rumour but no analysis it is the true and false. Please don’t crazy again since it is no use of prevention of radiation !

  3. Tidus Wong 5A (31) 說道:

    This is not just a government responsibility ,but also public responsibility . I think that citizen Hong Kong are smart enough to know that salt are no help to prevent radiation . They should know that the radiation problem would not affect to Hong Kong . However , the action of some citizen make me so disappointed

  4. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung jason 說道:

    In fact, many people are senseless to realise the danger of the radiation because they are afraid that if they access the radiation, they will have health problem or other effects immediately. But, i know that it will not affect us seriously. So, people should not be worried.

  5. Lai Sze Wai 5B 18 說道:

    In my opinion , the people should not believe with the rumors .Since the Japanese faced difficult situation, we must help them to cross difficulties .As the result , I hope the people can do seriously.

  6. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    It seems very foolish of those people to believe salt can prevent cancer cause by radiation. However, I understand why they had this action. It’s because they just want to protect themselves and they don’t have any experience about it.

  7. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    I was speechless when I read the rumours that salt can prevent radiation. It was ridiculous for the public to snatch salt irrationally. On the contrary, in Japan, who cares these rumours?


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