Reduce water pollution 5D Chirsty (R3)

In recent years, water pollution is a growing problem.  Also, it gives rise to public concern.  As students, we have no capability to address the pollution completely.  However, we still can do something to reduce it.

First, I would like to talk about what we can do at school.  The school can post some posters in corridors so that it can remind students to reduce water pollution all the time.  For instance, the school can post some posters to warn students no to play with water.  In addition, they should fix the taps which are out of order to save dripping water.  Besides, the school can hold a talk to convey a correct concept to students.  That is water pollution is a serious problem nowadays and let us know we have responsibility to save the environment.  Teaching us time after time, I am sure that we will be conscious about it.

Next, there are many ways to reduce water pollution at home.  In my opinion, it’s easy for us not to take a long shower.  As you know, some of the students take a bath more than half an hour.  It is a waste of water taking a long shower.  Furthermore, we can reuse the water.  For example, after washing vegetables, we can reuse the water to plant flowers and flush the toilet. It not only reduces water pollution, but also reduces the water bill.  All in all, this method kills two birds with one stone.  We can also invite our family members to reduce water pollution together.  The may be very willing to save the environment.  Do you think so?

Finally, we have to reduce water pollution of our society.  While we are walking on the beach, we must not throw rubbish in the sea. It will worsen the quality of the water.  Also, we can write a letter to the government to express our views.  What’s more?  We can suggest the government implement some measures.  For example, we can saddest the government impose some laws and put more resources in education or water quality.  I am sure that they will consider our suggestions.

To sum up, it is necessary for us to reduce water pollution.  Better late than never l believe if everyone takes action, the pollution will be solved in no time.

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9 Responses to Reduce water pollution 5D Chirsty (R3)

  1. 5D 31 Wong Kwan Hung jason 說道:

    If we want to improve water pollution, we have to pay more attention to our behaviour, such as no splitting and littering. In addition, keeping the environment clean is also vitally important to reduce the pollution. So, we should concern our living condition now.

  2. 5A24Pang Ho Yi 說道:

    Nowadays water pollution is a serious problem in Hong Kong. In daily life, we always
    waste a lot of water. We should do something to reduce the water pollution. For example, we should take a shower lest than 10 minute.

  3. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    Well,reducing water pollution is a seriousness GREATLLY problem around the world.We should tackle it as quickly as possible.Otherwise it will affect our next geneartion.

  4. Chan Ka Yan 5C03 說道:

    Indeed, the acute problem not only affect our everyday life, but it also influence global and environmental issue. Likewise, despite the fact that we are student, we should relieve the problem’s effect possibly.

  5. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    In my opinion, we not only can not take a long shower, but also can change a water-type tool. Undeniably, everyone should take action to protect our world. If we can to it, this world must be clean.

  6. 5C(34) Jade Yip 說道:

    I strongly agree with your ideas.
    It’s certainlt true that water pollution worsens the quality of our society.
    As a result, it is necessary for us to take action in order to further improve and protect the environment, isn’t it?

  7. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    I didn’t care any pollutions in the past. Since I thought they weren’t caused by me, I didn’t concern how to reduce them. However, I found that I always pollute the environment in my daily life. Reduing pollutions is everyone’s responsibility.

  8. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    In fact, that is not just a problem about the water pollution, it is also about the duty of all people over the world.If we still want to help our planet, then we must do something to help.

  9. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    It’s ture that we can’t live if without water. Thus, it’s necessary for us to reduce water pollution and waste. Reducing water pollution is one of the important steps to protect environment.It is high time that we took action !


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