Earthquake in Japan 5C Jade (R3)

There was a piece of shocking news in Japan that a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 erupted on 11th March.

It is widely known that Japan is a desirable travel paradise for all the people who are compulsive shopping all the time because there are many famous scenic spots like Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo and so forth.

Unfortunately, the magnitude of the earthquake triggered destructive tsunami that could strike the coastal houses and buildings.  So far, the mighty tsunami killed hundreds of people, and it made most of people homeless.

It was also reported that the Hong Kong government had issued a red travel alert for Japan to advise people not to make visits because there were still several strong aftershocks making buildings shake violently.  In addition, there was a risk of another explosion at a Fukushima unclear power station.  It seems to warn us that the situation of the world will be as The Day After Tomorrow which was a disaster film in 2004, and another one, 201 Doomsday in 2009.  Furthermore, the tragedy also seems to tell us that had we protected the environment, there would not have been so many temblors.

As a matter of fact, the most important thing at the moment is to offer assistance like donating money to Japan as much as we can do. Likewise, it is necessary for all of us to learn how to ensure safety of individual self or others, isn’t it?  In any case, I hope that the casualties involved in the tragedy of the earthquake in Japan or other areas will be minimized.

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11 Responses to Earthquake in Japan 5C Jade (R3)

  1. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    It’s ture that Japan have always held a special attraction for me, regardless of the food, fashion or scenic spot, there is so good for tourists. Unfortunately, an earthquake in Japan that’s made a lot of people death or injured. I hope that all the victims of a natural disaster will be recover as quickly as possible.

  2. Ng Mei Ki 5B 27 說道:

    I think the Japanese must be perseverant.They must believe that they are not alone since the people around the world assist them.

    Also , I think the Hong Kong citizens can extend their helping hands ,for example donate money and join the volunteer works to help the victims in Japan.

  3. Chung Chun Yip 5B 10 說道:

    I was very unhappy when I known the earthquake in Japan. It was a serious problems for the Japan to have earthquake.Furthermore,I was worried the nuclaer power plant will affect the health of resident.

  4. 5A24Pang Ho Yi 說道:

    This earthquake was a tragedy for Japanese. They lost their home and family members.
    They need our help.In Japan there are many volunteer to help the Japanese.

  5. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    I think it’s fortunate for us to live in Hong Kong. Also, we should tresure the people around us. l hope the Japanese will get better as soon as possible and everyone will support them.

  6. Chan Ka Yan 5C03 說道:

    Lurid temblor causes tsunami, which wash away some coastal houses, to damage more infrastructures and residential houses. In my opinion, although we are a student, we can do something to help the victims of earthquake. for example, donate money… I hope the victims can get rid of the tragic disaster. Tomorrow is another day!

  7. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    In my opinion, we should donate money to Japan. It can help them to improve their life. More seriously, this world will be affected by the nuclear catastrophe. This week, there are a lot of wores news about the radiation contamination in Japan. I hope that this crisis will be resolved as soon as possible.

  8. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    That’s what I want to say.We can send kind wishes and donations to Japan.First,we can make an origami crane and write on it a message to the children at the care centre.Second,we can make donation of at least HK$20

  9. Chan Wai Fung (5B)(5) 說道:

    I am so regrettable since I need to wait for Japan to be repaired consummately if I want to go shopping in Japan . On other hands , I am sorry to hear about this news . Should I can help the survivor , I must try my best to help them .

  10. 5D (P) 25 RickyNgO 說道:

    It’s really a tragedy
    The massive tsunami engulfed a part of Japan , many japanese were dead because of it .
    Apart from hoping not so many people will be certified dead , I don’t also hope that the nuclear power plants will turn into badness =(

  11. RAELEUNG 5D 18 說道:

    That’s right!
    It made most of people homeless.
    This is a tragedy!
    I think we should value all of our!


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