A Catastrophe in Japan 5C Martin (R3)

What do you think about the terrible and shocking earthquake which happened in Japan?  It generated an unprecedented tsunami to sweep over Japanese shores with a devastating destruction.

Let not talk about race discrimination or prejudices, even the revenge of invasion, would you give compassion to Japanese? If it is a “yes" , there will be more than a hope and that is high time for people to unite.

Unity is power, a power to make the earth better.  It is obvious that the Earth is turning to a mode of instability that it can trigger off natural disasters to ruin all the human civilizations like the tsunami that happened in south Asia of 2004 and the super earthquake happened in Sichuan of 2008.

All those disasters are devastating to people’s lives, prosperity and civilizations.  AS a result, we have to unite more closely and don’t bank too much on disputing who is the greatest one in the contribution for human.  More significantly, neither would a country solve the problems by its negligible power nor the humanism organisations can do it as well.  So an international aid will be needed eagerly.  Why? It is because after experiencing the impact from a disaster especially some developing countries whose economics capability and aid measures are no longer strong enough to solve the problems generated from the catastrophe.  If they can receive an immediate help, they will avoid various losses and get rid of swamp as soon as possible like reducing the probability of spreading fatal epidemics .

Is it enough to come over a catastrophic deterioration by just giving a heed?  No! the most important and efficient way to solve the problems is about precaution.  strong and exhaustive precautions will make the situation easier to control especially precautions of taking refuge which gives prepared minds to residents so as to get rid of the disaster more efficiently.  What’s more, the government should strengthen the inspection of disaster and focus on educating more professional and intelligent people for some specific sciences in order to make a progress for predicting disasters because nowadays technological equipments of predicting disaster is not smart enough to find out when and where a disaster will happen.

AS a Chinese saying goes “unity is power".  No matter how cruel we used to treat the others or how reckless we invade the others, it is a time for human to stamp out prejudices and discrimination.  Let ‘s insist in the love and peace .

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