‘Slow food culture’ on stress-city menu 5D Chirsty (R3)

This news talks about legislators calling for more to be done to promote ‘slow food culture’ in Hong Kong.  In my opinion, ‘slow food culture’ ha pros and cons.

To begin with, I would like to talk about the benefits of having ‘slow food culture’.  It’s no doubt that eating too fast is bad for our digestive system.  That’s why so many Hong Kongers have stomachache.  As a result, not only is eating solely good for our health, but also helps digestion too.

Apart from this, ‘slow food culture’ can also let us enjoying the taste of food.  Many fast food restaurants in Hong Kong just concern the speed of cooking food.  They don’t concern the quality of the food.  Should we eat slowly, we will discover that it’s worth spending time enjoying the taste of food, isn’t it?

On the other hand, it has some drawbacks.  Time is money.  It is the fact that time is the most precious thing for the locals.  Despite the fact that we have 1 hour to have lunch, sometimes we have to take part in other activities during lunchtime. So we just have half an hour to finish our meal.  We don’t have enough time to eat slowly.  Close associated with this is that some people may think that it’s a waste of time having meals slowly.  They would rather use the time to finish their work.

In my opinion, I would prefer to eat fast food.  Having so much work to do, I don’t have time to eat slowly on working days.  However, I will eat slowly at weekends in order to be more healthy.  Anyway, Eating fast or slowly is your choice

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13 Responses to ‘Slow food culture’ on stress-city menu 5D Chirsty (R3)

  1. maya mak (5a) 說道:

    I put forward the idea that have good health is more important than work. It is because health is wealth. Physical well-being is the most important and precious thing in the world.

  2. Tidus Wong 5A (31) 說道:

    Some employers may not want to let their employee have a lunch so long . However, they should think that if they let employee eat slowly , the employee could work in a well state after lunch .

  3. Ng Mei Ki 5B 27 說道:

    I think ‘Slow food culture’ can’t promote in Hong Kong because the people in Hong Kong always have too much work to do. They will think ‘Slow food culture’ is a wasting time activity if they join this. “Time is Money" is the culture in Hong Kong.

  4. Chung Chun Yip 5B 10 說道:

    I support the slow food culture because it is many advantages for the slow food culture .For example, it can well-being and reducing the ill.The slow food culture make our body more healthy.

  5. Lai Sze Wai 5B 18 說道:

    I agree with you because we didn’t have enough time to eat slowly.Furthermore, if we eat fast food , we can save lots of time to do so mang things .For example , do the homework.

  6. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    Eating slow food instead of fast food would be health to our body.We may get more nutrition from the food.It may let us feel fully.I was really support this eassy.

  7. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    I agree with you.The slow food culture would be wonderful to our body.We perhaps get more nutrition value from the food rather than eating quickly.It may let us feel more happy too.

  8. 5C(34) Jade Yip 說道:

    You may right, but it is widely known that having a psychological well-being is more important than working.
    As a result, I think that regardless of having so much work to do, we ought to take our health into consideration.
    Why don’t we cultivate a healthy diet together?

  9. Chan Wai Fung (5B)(5) 說道:

    In fact , eating too fast is bad for our health ;however, time is a precious thing . If we eat so long , we will be lose our time . It will waste of our time and make us have no time to do other things which are needful .

  10. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    To be honest, i am really love to have the slow food culture. But in Hong Kong, it is quite hard to have it. You know, everything in this city is so rush and you can’t even stop for a second. So i always expect to have the slow food culture in Hong Kong so as to let my life slow down a bit.

  11. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    Although it is undeniable that time is money , it is not more important than our health.
    If we lose a healthy body , how can we get on with our work?
    Hence, physical well-being should be valued more. I applaud the ‘slow food cultuer’ to be promoted. So,let’s have a healthy diet habit now!

  12. 5D (P) 25 RickyNgO 說道:

    Now , I realise that there are so many drawbacks if we have food fast after reading your essay !
    I almost always finish my breakfast , lunch and dinner within 15 mins , it must be harmful to me !
    I hope i can change it myself ~

  13. RAELEUNG 5D 18 說道:

    I also think the government should promote ‘slow food culture’ in Hong Kong.
    It was because slow food culture is good for us!
    However, we are busy. We should consider it carefully!



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