Last Christmas Party 3A Alan

Last week, my class held a Christmas party which was successful and so happy for my classmates.  I think it is the most impressive party in my memory.

The Christmas party was held on last Friday.  Some classmates went to school early to decorate the classroom.  Of course, I was a leader of the decoration team, so, I was the earliest to go to school.

After half an hour, we had almost finished decorating the whole classroom. Our class teacher was satisfied to the classroom which was so graceful.  Afterwards, some classmates came to school one by one.  When they saw the classroom, they were surprised.

At nine o’clock in the morning, all classmates attended the party.  The party started when the class teacher allowed.  The first part was singing Christmas carol.  We were singing loudly, seriously and happily.  When they were singing.  I dressed up as a Santa Claus to give the gifts to all of the classmates.  After that, classmates began to eat the Christmas food which was various, such as, chicken wings, salad, turkey and sandwiches.  They all said the foods were tasty when they were eating.  And then, they exchanged gifts too.  Some of them drew a book or pens.  Luckily, at last, I drew the big prize which was the Iphone 4.

Finally, the party let all of the classmates happy and I was too.

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