Watch Out!! It’s s Scam 5C Jade(R2)

I had recently read a piece of news associated with seeking part-time jobs, which has a close relationship with adolescents.

It is widely known that most of the students will seek part-time jobs in order to earn extra money because they may think that their parents have not given them enough money, especially during summer holidays.

As a matter of fact, it is also obvious that there were many ignorant students easily coming across employment traps in the hunt for summer jobs without thinking twice over the past few years.  For example, the commonest trap is talent scout scam.

In several cases, some people introduce themselves as talent scouts from modeling agencies or the television station.  They will approach passersby who are in school uniform and claim that they have a great potential to be models, singers and so forth, thereby inducing them to pay fees for beauty services, training classes or recommendation fee.  In fact, the so-called talent scouts will disappear after the victims sign any contract and pay a large sum of money in order not to stir up trouble.

As such, it is extremely important for all of us to consider whether the nature of job is suitable for us, is that right?  In addition, we ought to stay alert and be cautious when searching for jobs.  For instance, before signing an employment contract, we should check and study contract terms thoroughly to make sure that we fully understand it and the employee’s rights and benefits.

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4 Responses to Watch Out!! It’s s Scam 5C Jade(R2)

  1. ChrisLeung 5c 說道:

    I am happy to heard that you have sense of finding part-time jobs.However,students should pay more time to study.After the hard studed and graduated,you will find a great job and get more money .

  2. Ji Yoon 說道:

    Yeah! I have never heard you find part-time jobs. Why you want to find part-time jobs? Do you have not enough money? However, Chris is right, we should spend more time in our study.

  3. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    Some criminal groups use many different kinds of tricks to cheat job seekers’ money,
    gernerally, students are their targets as they think students lack social experience and students are easy to be cheated. Many hidden traps are in seeking jobs. Therefore, to be a smart person, we should be cautious when finding jobs.

  4. Albrey Chan 5B 3 說道:

    For this, taking a part-time job may bring different consequences to a student. For some of the students, they can handle with both of the workload from school and job.But for some, they cannot duel with this two aspects. Although students can earn money from taking a part-time job, they should consider whether they can really handle with both of it.


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