Waste Plan for Lantau Waters 5D Jason Wong(R2)

The news talks about the fact that the government would like to be build an incinerator south of Lantau Island over another site in Tuen Mun.  It will be completed in 2018 but they have to ask the Legislative Council’s finance committee for approving the funding.

However, building an incinerator will cause different sorts of problems.  For instance, the incinerator will release poisonous gas to pollute the air and the environment.  Not only will it destroy our living conditions but also affect people’s health.  Despite the fact that the incinerator can treat about 3,000 tons of waste a day, it will affect the residents who are living near the incinerator.  Thus, the government should consider carefully and conduct a survey about people’s intention since I’m afraid that people would launch a compaign to fight against the government’s decision.

In addition, because of the fact that the project will aquire the reclamation of 15.9 hectares for the facilities, the space limitation will impact the development.  Hence, I suggest that they should construct the plant in the place where few people live.  It is significant for them to build an incinerator in the future.

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3 Responses to Waste Plan for Lantau Waters 5D Jason Wong(R2)

  1. 5A22 Maya Mak 說道:

    Definitely, building an incinerator must cause various problems, such as people’s discontent and pollution. So, if i were the public who are living near the incinerator, i must fight against the government.

  2. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    In fact, there’re many people being opposed to building incinerators. However, they didn’t consider that why the government build more and more incinerators. It is because of the people. If they had reduced waste, the government would not have builded more incinerators in Hong Kong.

  3. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    Obviously,building incinerators is not a woderful way to fix waste disposal.The key to solving the waste disposal crisis is to tackle the root of the problem.In other words,we should focus on how to cut unnecessary waste.



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