Valentine’s Day 5B Emily Tang(R2)

Nowadays,  Valentine’s Day seems to become an important festival.  Therefore,  there are many shopping malls arranging smoe special events to celebrate this day.  For example,  Hong Kong’s shopping malls follow foreign activity like asking couples to kiss in front of the public to show their love.  I always saw this kind of competition in the past.

Undeniably, Valentine’s Day is really a great festival to lots of people.  If you intend to pursue or propose that day,  success rates are higher than usual.  That’s true!  There were some studies showing that.  A man, who was mentioned in the news,  proposed at Elements mall.  I’m very admired him.  It’s courageous of him to propose in front of the public.  Also,  I’m extremely envy his wife.  It’s romantic to be proposed at the upscale mall that day.  Were I the woman, I would say “Yes,I do" even my boyfriend proposes without the ring,  flowers and all.

However, when everyone is indulged in celebrating Valentine’s Day,  there’re some people saying that Valentine’s Day become commercial.  With a view to earning more money,  many businessmen produce innovative productes for that day.  Someone feel it’s no good making Valentine’s Day become commercial.

I don’t agree with their views.  Businessmen producing more innovative goods,  we need not worry what we should buy for our dear.  It’s a waste of time choosing gifts.

We should take advantage of Valentine’s Day to do something we don’t dare to do to our sweethearts on usual days.

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day 5B Emily Tang(R2)

  1. Ji Yoon 說道:

    That right! I think a lot of people do not know the meaning of festival like Christmas. The kids always wamt the gifts in Christmas.However, they don’t know the reason in Christmas. That like Valentine’s Day

  2. 5A01AnwarJan 說道:

    i don’t agree with you since i also thank that Valentine’s Day is become very commercial. It is because many businessmen want to earn more money from the festival, for example they innovative productes for that day. Of course, many people don’t know the real meaning of the Valentine’s Day .

  3. Christy Lau 5D13 說道:

    In my opinion, this essay is very interesting. However, I think if they like each other it will success any times, won’t it? Anyway,itis more meaningful to tell your lover your feeling that day

  4. Rickyng 5d 25 說道:

    It’s a great opportunity for anyone to pursue your lover on the Valentine’s Day.
    It’s must be more successful than the normal day , so we can catch this change to tell the feeling to your lover .

  5. Connie Chan 5c03 說道:

    Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for sweethearts, which may be students. It is a big market of business .The businessmen can earn a lot of money. The specialfestival is worthwhile to celebrate , the sweethearts should show their love.

  6. Philip 5c 35 說道:

    For me,I was really like valentines’day.You may celebrate this important festival with your boy/girlfriend.yYou may feel well-being for that,right?


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