Sex Discrimination 5C Jade(R2)

In contemporary society, sex discrimination still exists, especially on campuses.

A pre-teacher, Kwong Hao-ning, who made an accusation against clothing issue, attended a forum and indicated that there was sex discrimination that is not equitable to the female sex.  She also said that in spite of the fact that the school had apologized and compensated to her the previous year, the problem is not taken seriously by the relevant government department, thereby worsening the situation.

On the other hand, she doubted that why female teachers could not wear trousers to go to school. In fact, she hoped this question would give rise to public discussion to request the government to implement a strategy in order to eliminate the discrimination.

Some students attended the forum also expressed that they had confronted the gradually serious problem of sex discrimination.  For example, one of the students complained about the school that it only permitted girls to wear trousers attending school at twelve degrees Celsius below.

As a matter of fact, discrimination is one of the social issues. Therefore, in a bid to alleviate the matter, schools and the relevant government department ought to cooperate closely, is that right? For instance, schools could meet with Equal Opportunities Commission and Education Bureau to reconsider uniform rule.

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16 Responses to Sex Discrimination 5C Jade(R2)

  1. 5A22 Maya Mak 說道:

    That’s right. I think that female teacher should wear trousers because it also can show their professional. Also, school should consider about the female students’ wearing since there are too many restricted limitations.

  2. 5D31 jason wong 說道:

    In my point, this is a common problem in Hong Kong because it may be a tradition for ancent. So, people can’t change their mind. Also, it is strange for the pedestrian to see the teachers who wear trouses.

  3. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    I think that it is too harsh to female teachers, it’s unreasonable ! isn’t it ? If I were the principal of this school, it’s certainly true that I will not set the dress code too harsh.
    In my opinion, the teachers shouldn’t wear too sexy clothes to the schools .I’ll suggest the teachers wear the casual clothes will be okay, regardless of they wearing dress or trousers it will be fine !

  4. sochiwah 說道:

    In my views,wearing any clothes is a freedom for any people,so the female teacher wore the trousers is no problem.Having problem’s is the school ,their thought is it positively old?

  5. Matt Chan 5B(5) 說道:

    In my opinion , it should be equality between the sexes ; moreover , there should not be sex discrimination in the world . Hong Kong is a democratic society ; furthermore , everyone is ever educated . Therefore , this happening should not happening . In order to solve this problem of sex discrimination , the Hong Kong government ought to strengthen to educate the citizens . Hopefully , this problem will be solved and it will be equality between the sexes .

  6. RAELEUNG 5D 18 說道:

    I agree with you.
    I think sex discrimination still exists too.
    It was because there are many examples around us.
    This is important of the sexual equality.

  7. 5B, Michelle-Chan 說道:

    This is a very serious problem because sex discrimination is not equitable to the female.

    I think female teachers can wear their lovely clothes;

  8. LaiChunHang(Tinky Winky) 說道:

    Sex discrimination is such a serious issue in society that teacher is not eligible to waer their clothes.Hence,the government should deal with the problem fast.

  9. Chung Chun Yip 5B 10 說道:

    It’s a very serious social issues for the sex discrimination.If I were the government,Iwould have stopped the sex discrimination.It can help moer female .

  10. Johnny Tsang 5D30 說道:

    In my opinion,the problem in this new is very serious because if this problem growing in the another school ,it will make a bad example.I think the gorvernment should hit this problem quickly.

  11. Ji Yoon 說道:

    Sex Discrimination is a serious issue in the community, we should stop the problem happen in Hong Kong as that will affect student’s psychology,maybe, they will never trust teachers

  12. Chan Yin 5B 07 說道:

    As you say , discrimination is a terrible problem in our society . Whatever sex , racial or age , that still be unsolved . What should we do for this world , may be nothing .But it is important for us to help every people who in need .

  13. Christy5D13 說道:

    I think it’s not fair for the female teachers cannot wear the trousers to school .I think we should respect them

  14. Rickyng 5D 25 說道:

    What the era is it ?
    Why there still have sex discrimination ?
    I think they should release the restriction of that !

  15. Philip 5c 35 說道:

    According to your essay.I am really agree with your idea.Gradually problem to us.We should pay attention for this.

  16. Woo Hoi Lun 說道:

    I think it is a good topic.In my opinion,i think people should keep a clear relationship with thier fds.


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