Ocean Park finds bigger is better 5D Christy Lau(R2)

During the Lunar New Year holidays, there were huge crowds visiting Ocean Park because they wanted to see the newly inaugurated facilities.  However, some of the visitors could not get the tickets, so it made them feel disappointed.  As a result, the new facilities bring about benefits and drawbacks.

To start with, the new facilities can improve the competitiveness of Ocean Park. In resent years, there are many theme parks opened and expanded like Hong Kong Disneyland.  Also, Shanghai is going to have a Disneyland too.  If Ocean Park doesn’t take action, the customers will not visit it again.  Therefore, with a view to maintaining the flow, it’s necessary for Ocean Park to expand and have more facilities.

Expanding Ocean Park can promote the economy.  Expanding Ocean Park can attract more people to visit Hong Kong.  When they come to Hong Kong, they need a place to live and food to eat.  They not only spend money in Ocean Park, but also spend in different ways. It brings extra earnings to the tourism, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that expanding Ocean Park brings us advantages, like everything else, it has pros and cons.  It will increase the financial burden of some families.  If Ocean has more facilities, it may increase its pieces of the tickets.  Many people can’t afford the prices, so they will not visit Ocean Park frequently.  Do you think so?

Moreover, it may affect the image ok the park.  It is no doubt that this plan can attract people to go to Ocean Park.  However, if the arrangements are poor, if will negatively affect the image of the park.  For example, during the Chinese New Year holidays, Ocean Park couldn’t handle the huge crowds and some of the people waited for a long time to buy the tickets.    It made them angry and disappointed.  What is worse, some of the visitors could not get in the park.  It’s a waste of time going there.  Please imagine, were you one of the customers, would you have a good image in Hong Kong when you knew you couldn’t buy the tickets at the booth?  Also, some of them spend muck time queuing but they just ride on one or two games.  The may feel unsatisfied about it.

To conclude, I would like to say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  However, Ocean Park has to train their staff how to handle the huge crowds.

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3 Responses to Ocean Park finds bigger is better 5D Christy Lau(R2)

  1. 5A24michelle 說道:

    I think many people will go to the Ocean Park in holiday. That why Hong Kong Ocean Park can promote Hong Kong economy.

  2. 5B(P) 29 Emily Tang 說道:

    You mentioned that the custumers won’t visit Ocean Park if it doesn’t improve. However, I feel many custumers still feel Ocean Park is better than Disneyland. Since Ocean Park ,which is in Hong Kong , is bigger than Disneyland, it still popular. Also, the consumption in Ocean Park is cheaper than Disneyland and the rides is more entertaining too. I think the people will prefer to Ocean Park than Disneyland.

  3. LEE CHUN KIT 說道:

    I think Ocean Park builled the newly inaugurated facilities is easy to get along with income and reputation. It is bacause it can attract the tourists to come. Also newly inaugurated facilities can provide a new experience for Hong Kong!



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