Last outing at Kardorin Farm 1A 11 Law Pui Chi

Last Wednesday , 16 th February , we went to Kardorin Farm outing , We went to Yuen Long . It was sunny .
There were many activities . We saw many pets , for example , pig … … They were very cute and big . We watched many plants , vegetables , carrots …… There were many vegetables at Kardorin Farm .
In the afternoon , we went to Tai Po park to eat lunch . I brought sandwiches and snack . I went to the tuck shop to buy snack . At one o’clock . We went to Sha Tin outing . We watched toy shop . There were many shops . It was beautiful . Finally , my friend and I played games . We were very happy.
This day I was very happy and learned most different of kinds knowledae . I will not forget the meaningful and special day . I like it very much .

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