Last outing at Kardorie 1A 21 Wong Chung Sang

On 16February,Tody morning, My school teachers and classmate and I went to the Kardorie Farm. On that day, the weather was very cool. In the morning, started from our school. We went there by school bus. It was only forty minutes to go to the Kardone Farm. First, We went to see animals. They were will pig, bat, owl, snake, cat, mouste, black bair, angle, dog ,cow, bird and fish. After that, We went to see the yummy vegetables. They were carrot, beautiful flowers, tomatoes, forest and spinash. We visit the Kardorie Farm happily.

Then, we went to the Tai Po Waterfront Park. To have lunch. Te Park was very beautiful. The journey ended, and I was very happy in this trip

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