Chinese New Year 1A 16 Ng Chi Kin

People were very happy in Chinese New Year. chinese new year is very importart to chinese .because people an have the chance to vist other family members on that day.I like Chinese new Year. because I can get many red packets.on the first day,my father, mother, sister and I went to my grandmother and grandfather and other family members. My grandmother and grandfather gave me many sweets. At dinner, My grandfather and grandmother cooked fish and fishball sticky of rice and chicken. At dinner was very yummy. My father, mother, sister, grandmother, grandfather and I play basketball, football and badminton. I was vary happy.

On the secand day, father, mother, sister and I went to Ocean Park see the penguin, sealion, dolphin, killer whale, seahorse and panda. The pund qa is very cute. I like Chinese New ?Tear, because it is very happy.

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