News Commentary 5D Wong Kwan Hung

There are many different kinds of flu in Hong Kong in these few years. It is so serious that we don’t have any ways to solve the problems. Also, the citizens don’t have any precaution for the flu. So, the flu problems are more serious than before. The government worries that the flu will spread rapidly.

In addition, due to the global warming, the germs are growing quickly. Then, many people will become ill in the future. I am scared that the flu will affect our health and studies since the government announced that if the flu made people sick, they would ask the schools to suspend classes. Finally, we have to stay at home to avoid the flu and thus have a boring holiday.

So, I suggest that people should take care of themselves, such as washing their hands after going to toilet or cleaning their home regularly. The most important is if they feel sick, they should visit the doctor immediately. In other word, we ought to care our health these days as the weather is always different and the climate is suitable for the flu to grow. So, it is easy for us to get sick these days.

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13 Responses to News Commentary 5D Wong Kwan Hung

  1. Oscar Yeung 5A(33) 說道:

    I am extraordinarily agree with your suggestion, we must take precaution for the flu.For example : we should put a mask to prevent the flu to attack us.Otherwise, we’ll easy to infect it.

  2. Wendy 說道:

    I think the paper bags ploblem may growth because of levy on plastic bags. Most of the store may give out paper bags to substitute plastic bags.

  3. 5C Jade Yip 說道:

    As you said, the flu in Hong Kong gradually becomes serious.
    As a result, there is a possibility that all of us will be at risk of suffering from different kinds of flu. In case of flu, however, there are few precautions for people to take care themselves. As you mentioned in the article, for example, it is extremely essential for all of us to clean our hands regularly to balance personal well-being. Otherwise, it gives an opportunity for germs to harm our bodies, doesn’t it?
    All in all, I strongly agree with your opinion that it is important for us to care of our health.

  4. RAELWUNG 5D 18 說道:

    You’re right!
    We should take care of ourselves.
    Moreover, we want to prevent the flu.We must concern with our health.

  5. maya mak (5a) 說道:

    I hold the view that we should have a good personal hygiene. We can wear the mask when we felt sick.

  6. Cheung Ching Man 說道:

    Not long ago, there were serveral people died because of the flu. I also infected with influenza two weeks ago. So, I needed stay at home for one day. Luckly, I got over the influenza soon, however,I skipped some classes. That’s no doubt that our lifes and academic performance will be seriously influenced. Thus, it’s important for us to get a healthy body.We need to pay attention to personal hygiene. Prevention is better than cure!

  7. Danny Tong 5D 29 說道:

    In my opinion, the germs is a serious problem in the world. Not only anyone should take care of themselves, the government also should take some scheme to improve the flu problems diffusing in the future.

  8. calvin chan 說道:

    We can beat them , we will beat them ! Germs may hurt our body , but it can not against our soul . Let us exercise the body and the spirit like iron . Get the better of abnormal weather .

  9. Woo Hoi Lun(5D33) 說道:

    The government should face the flu problems squarely.The past few years in Hong Kong,the flu problems was seriously.
    The variants of influenza viruses constantly,the hospital should study the ways to solve the problems and research how can prevent the influenza viruses spreading rapidly.The government also can enhance the citizenship of how to safeguard the influenza.

  10. Yuen chun ho 5b35 說道:

    For me, i think the flu is a serious problem in Hong Kong because it will increase the burden of government on health care . So , i suggest should solve this problem

  11. Philip 5C 35 說道:

    Well,in this case.I think all of us should be care for any kind of flu.It is a problem we need to prevent seriously.If we do not try to control it, it may kill us all.

  12. Tsang Ho Tin 說道:

    Umm…..I think this problems is a serious incident in Hong Kong,gorverment should pay more attention to this type of things.For Example,they should transfer more commissioner to research about this.

  13. Chung Chun Yip 說道:

    I argee with you, It is more serious problems. I think the gorverment need to solve this bigger problem . Furthermore, I brlieve that it must affect the citizens the heathly


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